Development in children takes place during the child’s first six years. 85{b35a71f96258e151144dac662c160ed9908732319dbc5153d8f7c4b088b91392} of their brain structure gets developed at the age of five and they build on this basis for the rest of their life.  Albert Einstein did not become smart overnight, it started from somewhere.

Whether it’s a classic novel or a fairy tale book reading to your child at a tender age boosts their brain development and relationship with other people. A review platform like Collected.Reviews has the basic things you would need to develop this habit.

If you’re not able to visit the library to borrow a book or two, there are online bookstores that would have the book delivered to your doorstep. Considering the benefits children derive from reading from a tender age all it takes is a little motivation and consistency.

1.          Improve Creativity:

Young children have broad imaginations. Reading to them at an early age opens your child to a new world. It would help them explore their imagination and learn new things beyond their knowledge. This helps them project bigger which will benefit them in their school and work later on.

2.          Cognitive Development:

A study showed that babies that are read to from a tender age score higher than other children in cognitive development like problem-solving.  Reading out loud to children provides them with a background on their young world, which helps them have an understanding of what they see, hear and read.  It will also help them build their literacy and social skills. With the power of reading, children hear words that they would not on a normal day, they then pick them up and get used to it, also making use of it.

3.          Develops Bond:

Reading is a nice way to develop a special bond with your child. It provides an opportunity for you and your child to connect and create a strong relationship. Children are easily influenced positively when time is spent with them, they always look forward to the activity you have. Making it a routine with your child will make them trust and increase their sense of intimacy which will enhance positive growth and development. With babies, they might not understand what you’re reading to them but hearing that familiar voice daily is a way to nurture bonds.

4.          Academic Success:

Early reading is a great way to help your child develop their brain. It allows them to develop their listening skill, oral skills, reading comprehension which would later help them in school.

5.          Develop Habit Of Reading:

It takes 2 months to develop a habit and if your child is brought up with the habit of reading, it becomes a lifelong process that they get used to.  Reading books aloud to children is a source of fun that allows them to talk about different situations. Children that enjoy reading would be motivated to read on their own and develop the habit of collecting books.

These are just a few top benefits of reading to your child. At the moment, a child is wrapped up in the corner reading a book by them-self even if they don’t understand it.